Pottery is a traditional art in Avanos and the know how is delivered from generation to generation as a heritage. Each practitioner takes over a mission that requires him to improve skills as to meet the contemporary needs, as well as to ensure the continuity of this craftsmanship by training others. By virtue of this ancient knowledge transfer method, the art of pottery is still alive and the artisans are focused on innovation.

Venessa Seramik is one of the veterans of this ancient art in Avanos. The family produces pottery since 200 years. The workshop produces a rich collection that diplays a breath-taking varity in terms of techniques – such as pottery, ceramic, tile, porcellain, wall panes – and designs. The guests may find there rare products that are developed for a special collection and enjoy the availability of product lines that represent the heritage of different Anatolian cultures ranging from the Hittitian bowls to the Seldjukian and Ottoman classics that are ornated with cloves and tulips in addition to contemporary designs.

All products are the result of a well-maintained cultural heritage blended with the tireless work and innovative efforts of our artisans.